Worldscape is a sculptural inhabitable landscape, using all the world’s contours to create a smorgasbord of unique spaces – faithful to world geographic geometry, yet deeply unfamiliar as furniture – that in turn frame and prompt new, unprecedented dining relationships. Designed by art and architecture practice atmos, it continues the company’s fascination with conjuring space from data, and creating immersive ergonomic environments.

After the huge success of Global Feast, Worldscape is staying in Stratford Old Town Hall for the London 2012 Paralympics as part of the popup Worlds Bar and Bistro.

The table will then form the central piece of Global Design New York University’s Exhibition and Symposium in London during the London Design Festival which starts on September 20th. Follow them on Twitter for updates on lectures and dinners.



Worldscape uses the Equidistant Cylindrical map of the world, where all degrees are equal lengths in both directions) to create an inhabitable dining environment merging seat and table. Though it dates back to 100AD, it is NASA’s digital map of choice because it clearly maps the world onto square pixels. Appropriately enough for a dining experience, this map type is also called Plate Carrée.