Global Feast 2012

Week One 25th July – 29th July Week Two 30th July – 5th August Week Three 6th August – 12th August Final Night 13th Aug

Week One: Wednesday 25th July – Sunday 29th July

1. Wednesday 25th July, West African (Opening Dinner)

Guest Chef: Chris Massamba from Full House Supper Club and Sundia Food is our guest chef for the first night of the Feast. Chris has been a gourmet chef for over 14 years and takes his guests beyond the ordinary with his raw vegan food wonders.Our entertainers this evening are Kakatsitsi, master drummers from Ghana.
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2. Thursday 26th July, Mediterranean

Guest Chef: The Italian Supper Club was established in 2011 by three Italian food and wine lovers, Silvio, Chiara and Toto. Their aim is to bring the unique atmosphere and authentic flavour of the ‘Bel Paese’ to East London. Chef Toto started cooking at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since. His passion is not just for food, but for the Italian culture of eating, socialising and the experimenting with regional specialties.
Guest Chef: Italian chef Cinzia Chignoni from The Table will also be sharing chef duties on Mediterranean night. Cinzia is the new head chef at Southwark favourite The Table, where she has just put together a modern Italian menu, using top quality British ingredients. Originally from Milan, she has been based in London for the past 22 years. Her impressive pedigree includes working with the likes of Angela Hartnett and at Soho’s Duck Soup.Also tonight we will have a very special talk on bread and art by acclaimed French artists Nadege Meriau who will also be giving a personal tour of her exhibition of artworks that have installed in the side foyer of the Town Hall for Global Feast.
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3. Friday 27th July, British (Olympic Opening Ceremony)

Guest Chef: Denise Baker-Mclean from the Moel Faban Secret Supper Club is our Welsh guest chef for British night. Denise won the Welsh regional heats on Britains Best Dish last year and received a nomination for the North Wales local food hero awards in 2011.
Guest Chef: Aoife Behan is our Scottish guest chef for British night. Aoife Behan is one half of Jelly+Gin Productions: a dining events collective in Edinburgh. Formerly a supper club hostess, Aoife is now focusing on guerilla dining in unusual locations with Burgher Burger.This evening will be showing the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics at the Feast and toasting to Danny Boyle’s success (and his farmyard animals) under the fireworks of Stratford.
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4. Saturday 28th July, Northern European

Guest Chef: Linn Soderstrom from Stockholm based supper club Hemma Hos Linn will be flying in from Sweden to be one of our guest chefs on Northern European night. Hemma Hos Linn is a Stockholm based club where the professional chef Linn invites 10 guests once a month to her home for dinner. Every dinner has a theme, such as seafood, vegetarian, retro food or barbeque. Linn´s food is always natural, often organic and she uses a lot of wild edible herbs and flowers.
Guest Chef: Claudia Stachelhaus from The White Room Supper Club will be our second guest chef tonight. The Whiteroom Supper Club is an intmate underground restaurant set up by Claudia in 2010 when she decided to take a break from her banking career. Since then, in her stylish and trendy Shoreditch apartment, she has run countless supper clubs and private parties, each time enchanting her guests with seasonal European food with a German twist.Gon von Zola (The Budda Cakes) will be providing an acoustic set for us tonight.
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5. Sunday 29th July, Central African

Guest Chef: South African born Arno Maasdorp from the Saltoun Supper Club is our guest chef for Central African night. Arno puts his 20 years of restaurant and food experience to good use offering guests delectable delights every week at his luxurious home in Brixton. His food is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and we look forward to his take on Central African cuisine.Two amazing Nigeria performers join us tonight: Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor who performs under the name The Venus Bushfires and Nigerian singer songwriter Lanre.Buy tickets for Central African

Week Two: Monday 30th July – Sunday 5th August

6. Monday 30th July, Eastern European

Guest Chef: Frank Fforde has been running the Rodborough Supper Clubfor over a year in the Cotswold town of Stroud. A private chef and baker by trade, he will be bringing his Polish family recipes and his own unique blend of the decadent and simple so prevalent in the East European region.Music tonight is provided by 3 Way –  a cocktail of international musicians that stretches from Hungary to South Africa and this mix of cultures is one of the strengths of the trio. Formed like a classic jazz trio 3-Way have developed a sensational variety of sound which easily translates to their live performance. They create a fascination with their listeners through an extraordinary density of sound, catchy melodies, and the culture of their musicianship – making 3-Way quite different from any other jazz-fusion band. The trio give a profound focus to their sound as a whole as opposed to individual virtuosity, allowing the group to present fusion jazz in a new light and with an easily digestible style. tickets for Eastern European

7. Tuesday 31th July East African

Guest Chef: Selina Rajan is our guest chef for East African night. With her Kuhama Supper Club, her cuisine reflects the richness of her family history through Arabia, India and on to East Africa.Read more about Selina and her menu on the blog.
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8. Wednesday 1st August, Middle Eastern

Guest Chef: Chef, writer and supper club host Sabrina Ghayour is our guest chef for Middle Eastern / Persian night. Sabrina’s website has become a go-to page for Persian and Middle-Eastern recipes and she hosts her own sold-out Persian and Arabesque supper clubs in London under the name of Sabrina’s Kitchen.
Guest Chef:  Sally Butcher is an accidental and accident-prone shop-keeper (she runs Persepolis in Peckham), and before that she was an accidental and accident-prone chef. Both experiences have have given her a lot to laugh about and even more to write about. She has in fact written two cook books: Persia in Peckham, and Veggiestan: A vegetable lover’s tour of  the Middle East. She has a Persian husband (Jamshid, who runs their Iranian import business) and a non-Persian cat (Chombol, who does nothing).Entertainment is provided by belly dancer Polly Hallam, Egyptian folk dancer Pauline Blackwood and drummer Lennie Charles.Read more about Sabrina’s and Sally’s exotic menu on the Feast blog.Buy tickets for Middle Eastern / Persian

9. Thursday 2nd August, Russian / Soviet

Guest Chefs: Karina and Katrina are Russian Revels – two Russians who want to revolutionise the image of Russian food, by serving light, luscious and sexy Slavic dishes at characterful venues across London.Cabaret singer Jessie Pie will be wowing the Feast tonight. Jessie made her musical debut on the London burlesque scene nearly ten years ago, and has since fronted a host of bands, duo and trio projects. Her solo work presents in a “George Melly mould”, in other words tongue-in-cheek originals and re-worded jazz standards that ooze mischief and wobble with innuendo. “Jessie Pie & The Thorn” is the title of her ongoing duo project with guitarist Chris Thorn, who will also be accompanying her on this banquetting night. The duo harness a passion for the glamour and pomposity of rock, while affirming a shared commitment to making current, sensational live music. more about Russian Revels and their exciting menu on the Feast blog.Buy tickets for Russian / Soviet

10. Friday 3rd August, Indian / Bangladeshi / Pakistani

Guest Chef: Meena from Chai Lounge Supper Club in Edinburgh is the first our guest chefs tonight. Chai Lounge is Edinburgh’s first Indian supper club, serving home style Indian cooking using locally sourced ingredients. Meena is a born foodie. Her master touches are in the simplest of dishes, like the sweet and sour daal or the yogurt based kadi. These dishes are all about the flavours – a subtle and right blend of well-known ingredients creating an explosion on your taste buds.
Guest Chef: Sumayya Jamil from Pukka Paki is our guest chef, representing Pakistani cuisine. Sumayya is a Pakistani food writer, cookery teacher and supperclub host and her mission is to spread the love of Pakistani food and differentiate it from Indian cuisine in the UK. She was born and brought up in Pakistan and many of her recipes are family ones she has grown up cooking but she also loves creating contemporary twists using British ingredients and exciting ways of incorporating modern global cuisine. Sumayya will be appearing alongside Madhur Jaffrey in an episode of her new tv show called Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation at the end of 2012.
 Guest Chef: Sheba Promod is a Keralan cookery teacher and food writer. She is now on a journey to share the delicate and unmistakeable flavours of Kerala and the Malabar Coast with others. Sheba runs private and group cookery courses in London and Hertfordshire and also works as a freelance guest chef for cookery schools. She also hosts a Kerala and South Indian supperclub in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
Guest Chef: Rehka Mehr from Pistachio Rose is our final guest chef tonight. Pistachio Rose is a boutique bakery that specialises in the fusion of quintessential Indian flavours with elegant cakes, delicate biscuits and crumbling pastries.Entertainment tonight is provided by Indian Krishma Gajjar and Simran Bahra, Kathak Dancers from Alpana Sengupta Dance School.Buy tickets for Indian / Bangladeshi / Pakistani

11. Saturday 4th August, Chinese / Korean

Guest Chef: Born and raised in Hong Kong, guest chef Cherry Smart runs FedByTang– a Chinese supper club based in South East London featuring fresh and tasty traditional Chinese home cooking, with a few unique creations thrown in along the way.
Guest Chef: Courtesan Dim Sumare providing gourmet Dim Dum for Chinese night. Courtesan offers the finest modern Dim Sum and carefully selected teas, wines and mixed drinks for discerning ladies and gentlemen of adventure from their Brixton bar.Read more about the menu on the Feast blog
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12. Sunday 5th August, Singapore / Malaysian

Guest Chef: Goz from pioneering Southeast Asian supperclub +65 (and the first and only Singapore supperclub in London) is our guest chef. Set up to generally dispel myths of Singapore Food, he serves up traditional Singapore favourites from pig offals to fish head curries to astonished and converted foodies all round. The club was recently crowned 2nd place in NomNomNom 2012 a Masterchef-style competition and has been featured in the Telegraph, Business Times Singapore, Singapore Airlines magazine, and TimeOut London.Read more about Goz’s Singaporean menu on the Feast blog.Tonight’s musician is Singaporean born Radhika from Resonance Music Project
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Week Three: Monday 6th August – Sunday 12th August

13. Monday 6th August, Thai / Vietnamese

Guest Chef: Leluu’ s Supper Club has been running since 2009, every weekend, serving 8 courses of home cooked Vietnamese food. Chef Uyen Luu also blogs, photographs and writes about Vietnamese food on her blog and other online sites such as The Good Food Channel, The Evening Standard and Jamie Oliver.
Guest Chef: Uyen will be joined by Poonperm Paitayawat from The Skinny Bib. Thai in origin, “Perm” trots the globe for exciting culinary knowledge and brings home his blog The Skinny Bib, which is recently featured in TimeOut London, CCNGo and The Huffington Post. He is also a contributor for the Maitre D’ column of Qatar Airways Oryx in-flight magazine.Read about Uyen and Perm’s fragrant menu on the Feast blog.Buy tickets for Thai / Vietnamese

14. Tuesday 7th August, Japanese

Guest Chef: Yuki is a Japanese chef and expert in traditional, regional Japanese cuisine; she has appeared recently as a judge on the Good Food Channel. Her fresh approach is enthusiastically shared; she teaches Japanese cookery to both complete beginners and seasoned chefs at Yuki’s Kitchen.Read more about Yuki’s exquisite menu on the Feast blog.We are delighted to have the London Bon Dancers performing at the feast, and maybe even leading some of our more intrepid guests in this traditional Japanese dance!Buy tickets for Japanese

15. Wednesday 8th August, Australian / New Zealand / Pacific

Guest Chef: Anna Hansen, founder of The Modern Pantry takes the reigns tonight. The Modern Pantry opened its doors to critical acclaim in August 2008, and since then has gained two AA rosettes and been listed as a “Bib Gourmand” in the Michelin Guide 2009 and 2010. In 2010, Anna was named as one 100 of the world’s top up and coming chefs. Find out more about Anna’s menu on the Feast blog.
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16. Thursday 9th August, North American

Guest Chef: Scott Ball of Kooky Bakes and ScottCanCook is our guest chef for North American night. Scott is best known for his award-winning brownies, cakes and pies sold at east London outlets such as the Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane, but he also runs a successful supper club called The United Plates. Expect a modern twist on good ol’ fashioned southern cooking!The wonderful jazz singer Bridget Perise will be entertaining us this evening with her American classics.
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17. Friday 10th August, Central American

Guest Chef: Kerstin Rodgers aka MsMarmitelover is our guest chef for Central American / Mexican night. A food blogger, photographer and chef, she launched the underground restaurant movement in the UK with The Underground Restaurant via her blog The English Can Cook.

Kerstin will be joined by Tiffany Morris. Tiffany was born and raised in Arizona on the border of the Mexican state of Sonora. In addition, to frequent travel in Mexico she lived in Costa Rica for 6 months. Since moving to the UK 7 years ago she has enjoyed sharing her knowledge of Mexican and Latin American culture and cuisine. This passion has led her to begin a Mexican supper club which will launch in September in south east London.Tonight’s entertainment features a Mexican cabaret act by Havana Barbie,
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18. Saturday 11th August, Caribbean

Guest Chef: Lee Sylvester from Tan Rosie is our guest chef for Caribbean night. Along with her mother Monica, Lee creates tantalising Caribbean food inspired by family recipes from Grenada and Carriacou from their base in Birmingham.Andreas Grant, a Jamaican/Swedish performance poet will be entertaining us at the Feast tonight
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19. Sunday 12th August, Western South America

Guest Chef: Martin Morales founder of Ceviche restaurant in Soho is our guest chef on Western South America night. Ceviche offers the very best that Peruvian cuisine and drinks have to offer. Created by Martin by sheer frustration that there were no great Peruvian restaurants in Britain, he launched the restaurant in February 2012. It is the first Ceviche restaurant in UK and features the first Pisco bar in Europe. Martin will be cooking with his Head Chef Gregor Funcke. 

Always wanted to try tango? Join us tonight when Tanja Raaste and Hugh Walker will be performing and giving lessons to Feast goers.

To complete the evening’s entertainment, wonderful Argentinian singer and songwriter Corina Piatti will play guitar and sing Tango and Bossa Nova.

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Final Night

20. Monday 13th August, Brazilian

Guest Chef: Kym Kamel from the Shy Chili Supper Club is our guest chef on our final night. Having been born and brought up in San Francisco, she spent 22 years working, travelling and eating around the incredibly diverse regions and cultures of Brazil. While living for two years in the Amazon and managing a jungle lodge, she wrote a little cookbook called JUNGLE FOOD…..How to cook a jaguar and other basics. Kym joins us from Mallorca, Spain where she now lives.Tonight’s musician is Andre Luis, a bossa nova musican from Brazil
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