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Time Out Blog, Global Feast: eat your way around the world without leaving Stratford, 8th Sept

“Enjoy a one-off globally inspired three-course meal … and say goodbye to London 2012 in style. “

Her Little Place, Closing Night at Global Feast, 15th August

a really remarkable and stunningly put together piece of art … It’s very theatrical and magical.  The table created this romantic, magical setting …  an incredibly unique backdrop for an adventurous dinner.”

The Culture Geek, A Foodie Farewell to London 2012, 12th August

“We can’t think of a more appropriate way to round off an incredible fortnight.”

The Sunday Times, Richard Brooks, BiteBack, 12th August

Heart Home Magazine, An Olympic Feast, 8th August

“Food lovers take note, here is a spectacular event for you set amidst a wonderful backdrop of the globe in three-dimensions”

The Huffington Post, Eat the World at Global Feast, London2012 Olympic Dining Experience, 6th August

This is a fantastic antidote to the McDonalds and Cola offerings in the Olympic Park”

EatHackney, Global Feast, Stratford Town Hall, E15, 6th August

KaveyEats, A Global Feast for the Olympics!, 6th August

The enormous map table is hugely impressive, and certainly unique – I’ve never seen anything like it, in person or in  pictures. The main table surface represents sea level; major land depressions are represented by cut outs and land contours by sculpted shelving.”

Eat Like a Girl, Bring on the Olympics! Starting with Global Feast, 4th August

What Katie Does, Global Feast, 4th August

The Arab Review, Global Feast: Eating the Middle East, 2nd August

“But it was the setting, rather than the food, that dominated the evening. The huge sculpted table, lit with candles to represent the world’s major cities and decorated with flowers made from old maps, served as both furniture and artwork as diners used the time between courses to explore the terrain around them.”

FashionMode, Global Feast 2012 – An Olympic Pop-Up of a Restaurant, 2nd August

Spoonfed, Olympic supperclubs, global feasts and BBQ festivals: August’s best food and drink events, 1st August

Time Out, Critics’ Choice Five Best Events this week, 31st July

The Independent, Dining at the world’s table, 31st July

“The centre-piece of the evening is the remarkable dining-table, a huge sculptural art installation…Combining the subversive playfulness of the best supper clubs with a wonder-inducing artistic flair. Global Feast is well worth seeking out.”

New Style Magazine, Eat the world: Global Feast food festival during the Olympics, 31st July

Cook Sister, The Global Feast @ Stratford Old Town Hall, 31st July

Exploring Art in the City, 30th July

“If you’re going to be involved [in the Olympics], then damn well do it properly, as has Alex Haw, of Atmos, with his superb Global Feast. Two glorious weeks of cutting-edge cuisine…fabulous culinary melee is set around a unique table centrepiece… contoured loveliness… the pièce de résistance of a year of planning and technical calculation … exquisitely understated touches… Into each plate was scratched and inked a map, some drawing the shape of the Thames. Add to this scattered candles and flowering table decorations created from folded A-Zs and I began to feel as if I was at an incredibly upmarket and creative version of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Highly recommended“.

TNT Magazine, London event: Stratford Global Feast, 29th July

The Wine Sleuth, Global Feast 2012 – culinary trip around the world, 29th July

Yahoo, A trio of London’s summer supper clubs, 28 July

The Upcoming, Eat the world at Global Feast – an Olympic dining experience, 27th July

“Global Feast is set to be a hit for all palates.”

Mostly About Chocolate, Eat the World Next to the Olympic Park at the Global Feast, 27th July

“It is also a unique opportunity to eat off a sculpture. Where else will you be able to eat Key Lime Pie off a work of art? It is absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience supper club cooking from around the world as the world gathers to compete.”

The Jake, Global Feast: Eat The World, 27 July

“each night of the Games a bunch of Britain’s top restaurant and supper club chefs will cook their signature dishes, to diners sat around an actual scale (we almost put ‘actual scale’ in capitals) model of the world (bumps included. Bagsy Liechtenstein!), at Stratford Town Hall”

Vinabla, Pop-up World-food Feast each night of Olympics to feature Viñalba, 27th July

“Global Feast is a really exciting experience and we’re thrilled to be part of it.”

London Living, Global Feast at Stratford Town Hall, 26 July

Hot Dinners, The Global Feast launches at Stratford Old Town Hall next to the Olympic Park, 26 July

“Whether you have a penchant for Persian or a taste for Thai (see what we did there?), there is a night to suit everyone’s needs.”

The Telegraph, Working for Vladimir Putin means never failing the taste test, 25 July

“The star is the table, a 16-metre long, three-dimensional map of the world. Guests sit along the edges of continents, with holes allowing them to peer down into the Mariana Trench, while Mount Everest stands two metres above the ground. The bar, stretching along one side, is Antarctica. It is insanely beautiful.”

Evening Standard: Olympic Eatathon, 25 July

Cool Hunting: Global Feast, 25 July

“an astonishing 20-night lineup of exceptional cuisine…a delicious culinary adventure…the realization of Haw’s long-held ambition to seat people at the tallest table in the world…”

Stylist: Global Feast 2012, 25 July

“If you haven’t quite realised your ambition to eat your way around the world just yet, then now’s your chance”

The Gog Codd Pudd-Hog Blog: Around the World in Several Puds, 25 July

” such a fine array of multicultural goodies…particularly thrilling…a triumph of epic proportions… With twenty nights of these marvellous treats, Lord knows how anyone will choose which evening to go to”

London Unattached: Global Feast, An Olympic Dining Experience, 25 July

 Tea Time In Wonderland: Global Feast, 25 July

“Each bite proves  succulent and surprising – refined, intense. A Feast…a very unique setting…this is THE pop-up of the summer”

The Travel Editor: Eat the World at Global Feast, London2012’s Olympic Dining Experience, 25 July

“a delightful evening… a delicious selection of world canapés … It’s enough to tempt me to sign up for every single night of the feast…You wont be disappointed”

 Londoneer: The Five Most Exciting Pop-ups  Venues for London 2012,  25 July 

Great British Chefs: 20 Nights of Global Feasting in Stratford, 25 July

” just as global in reach as the big show next door… is Global Feast. A twenty nights foodie fandango”

Financial Times, An Olympian gastronomic feat – Eat the world at Global Feast’s ambitious London event, 22 July

“Atmos… has designed an astonishing 80-seater art installation in a three-dimensional model of the world as the setting for the event.
It is just the sort of wildly ambitious, curiously eccentric and ultimately feelgood project that makes London the stimulating and inspiring city it is.”

LeCool London, 19 July

 “Circumnavigating the world has never been easier”

The Weekend Edit, WeHeart, 19 July

“Olympics for the foodies…”

Futerra Blog: Eat the World, 16 July

“grab your chance to experience this one-off, unrepeatable, amazing dining venue.  – “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”.

What to Do, See & Buy: The Independent, 14 July

“If the Olympics isn’t your cuppa, perhaps Global Feast can fill the gap. Eat your heart out, Opening Ceremony.”

Londonist: Preview Global Feast Stratford, 10 Jul

London Architecture Diary, 10 July

Scotsman on Sunday: Apetite for delectation: The underground food movement, 8 July

Run Riot: Global Feast: Meet and Eat the World, 3 July

Hot Dinners: Global Feast event at Stratford for the Olympics to celebrate world food, 3 July

“Global Feast… promises to look pretty spectacular.”


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