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The closing night of the Olympics found us inching our way in the direction of the next host country, Brazil, and coming to a pause in Western South America for Peruvian food and a first taste of Latin American culture.

Ceviche’s Martin Morales brought his head chef Gregor Funke from Soho to Stratford for the night, and treated us to the fresh, zingy and delicate flavours of their signature fish dish, followed by a beautiful plate of chicken and dark beer rice, flecked green with coriander.

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We finished off suitably exotically with lúcuma ice cream and crumbly alfajores biscuits made by Alexandra at Amisqui. What a huge pleasure to discover this light, poised and aromatic cuisine!

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In celebration of the origins of the Olympics, our own live Greek Dionysia stepped up onto Worldscape & presented a dish containing ancient Greek ingredients – the kind of meal the Athenians would have eaten approximately 2800 years pre Facebook.

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While the main course was settling, we all made our way to the Old Town Hall’s grand Side Foyer for a wonderful performance of Argentinian tango by Love Tango’s Tanja Raaste and Hugh Walker, surrounded by Nadege Meriau’s photographs.

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Back in the marquee, singer-songwriter Corina Piatti had the audience under the spell of her passion and the refulgence of her voice as she performed a set of tango and Brazilian bossa nova classics, as well as some of her own compositions by candlelight.

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Peruvian food, Argentinian tango danced by European performers in a room filled with photographs by a Tunisian-born French artist, and an Argentinian singer performing songs from her homeland and Brazil to an audience from all over the world – that is what Global Feast is all about. Now all that is left is to hand the baton on to Rio tonight!


Don Ceviche

Fresh seabass ceviche in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, limo chilli, coriander and red onions, sweet potato, Inca corn; or

Mango Ceviche

Main course

Arroz Con Pollo

Coriander and dark beer rice with marinated chicken. A traditional dish from Peru, made for great celebrations; or

Peruvian Corn Cake with coriander and beer rice


Lucuma Ice Cream and Alfajores

Artisan ice cream made with fresh Andean lúcuma fruit pulp served with artisan Peruvian alfajores biscuits

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