Central African Night: Introducing Arno Maasdorp of the Saltoun Supper Club

South Arican born Arno Rupert Maasdorp created the Saltoun Supper Club in April 2009, turning his Brixton flat into a Dining Club for 16 people twice a week. The Feast is thrilled to have him as our guest chef on Sunday 29th July for Central African night where he will be treating us to a fantastic menu which he reveals below. Wine will be provided by Wines of South Africa on the night with entertainment by Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor who performs under the name The Venus Bushfires and Nigerian singer songwriter Lanre.

We asked Arno about his interest in food:

“As a hungry, creative imbiber I have such trust in food as the most powerful global language. Both primitive and sophisticated societies speak Food. I have had so many powerful and inspiring moments allowing myself to communicate in this way. Forget the written word, music or the knowledge of a foreign language, these are sure to follow… Only by sharing a meal can we comprehend this unspoken language.

I have never met a single person in my life to not volunteer a food related story around a dinner table, even a recipe when ‘inspired’ by what is essentially a different permutation of the same ingredients. I love food! It is what I do best. I cook it, I photograph it, I paint it and, most of all; I eat it!”

29 July 2012

Set Polenta, Gorgonzola and Tomato
Ostrich Frikadelle
Kudu Carpaccio
Mussels in Banana and Saffron

Salad of Golden Beetroot, Roast Butternut, Marinated Carrots, and Pumpkin Seeds

Bobotie, Vegetable Sosaties from the Braai and Sultana Puree

Malva Pudding, Granadilla Curd and Melktert Cream

Come join us on Sunday at Global Feast – last few tickets here.